Monday, 2 September 2013

It's all in the details

There is something about the cute stuff that Japanese create that makes them so endearing. Japanese tend to be a little dark at times and it shows even with their cute characters. Recently my favourite series is the sumikkogurashi gang. It literally translates into 'living in corners'. So all the characters like huddling in a corner. One is an end piece of a tonkatsu, so he's 99% fat and 1% meat and the other characters don't like him too much because he's kind of greasy.

It's these little quirks that make them cuter than than a boring ol' plain cute character. I try to have a little twist in my cards as well by adding some details or having poems that are a little morbid at times but hopefully entertaining nevertheless.

There are so many talented people on Etsy, I still get really inspired when I look around at other people's shops. Often times it makes me wish I was equally as talented in other mediums so I can do what they do. There are certain styles I like but I know it is out of my ability to emulate.

Checked out an artists' market of sorts the past weekend. Was very crowded and felt like I couldn't properly soak up the atmosphere and enjoy myself. I think craft fairs need to feel very relaxed and spacious. Having people shoving against you and trying to shuffle you along is not my idea of a leisurely time. Almost wish I had an army of porcupines to keep everyone out of my way.