Thursday, 18 July 2013

Practise make Perfect

And no practise makes your creative juices dry up.

Between my new job and trying to settle into a new routine, I find that there's hardly any time to really sit down to do any serious doodling. I'm not the sort that can just sit at a cafe or whip out a moleskin on the bus and start doodling away. I need to consciously have time set aside, with the desk laid out with my pens and markers and paper before I can start doodling. Don't ask me why doodling requires such preparation, I don't think it should either but that's how I work.

Last night I managed to set some time aside to draw out some ideas that have been swimming around in my head the past week. I have to make a note of my mental note to remember to scribble these ideas down somewhere before I forget them. My short-term memory is shot.

I finished my last project where I made decorations for the home, perfect as house warming gifts. But I held off because I found that it was lacking. It didn't feel good enough to be put in my shop. I quite like how it turned out but I feel more can be done to improve it. Hopefully I can figure something out so I can list it in the shop, quite excited about seeing how it will be received.

Looking forward to the long National Day weekend, so I can spend a good amount of time just doodling and surfing the net for inspiration.