Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentine's Bonanza!

After Christmas and the New Year's passed, the shop got really quiet on Etsy and just as I was beginning to wonder when the Valentine's frenzy will pick up, BOOM! It came in like a wrecking ball sans nudity and sexual innuendos.

It's been very busy leading up to Valentine's day and it's been a hectic time for the gf and I trying to pack the cards as soon as we can so that as many people as possible can get their orders in time for Valentine's day.

"Imagine all the people getting otters for Vday!" said the gf, only then did I really think about it.

The other 5 new designs for Valentine's day seem to be playing supporting roles in comparison to the otters card so please show them some love too!

My day job is going to get very busy soon so I'm trying to come up with new designs before the craziness at work hits. The next batch of designs will be mostly food/pastry related. These ideas have been floating around in my head for awhile now, think it's time to finally draw them out. Look out for a new addition to my 'favourite animals' series too.

Wishing everyone a great Valentine's day ahead :) Thank you for supporting the shop!

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