Friday, 26 December 2014

Where did 2014 go?

I realize I have not posted in yonks. I forgot all about this blog until I felt like I wanted to do an update but didn't feel like it was a facebook type of post and then it dawned on me that I've all but neglected this blog. oops.

Before I knew it, Christmas crept up and now we are welcoming the end of 2014 and the start of 2015. Time really flies, more like time just disappeared. This year has been especially eventful for us because we got married. So now my gf is Mrs Gorilla, luck for her only in name and not in looks.

Valentine's day is fast approaching and since my cards seem to do best then, I was motivated to come up with new designs. It took quite awhile before I could come up with something good but when one idea came to me, it all started rolling in. I have 6 ideas floating around in my head, 3 of which I've already finished up and the other 3 are still bouncing around, waiting to be realized.

I have much respect for artists who create art for a living because you can't just sit down and be creative, it needs to come to you before you can create something. It's not like doing work where you sit down and set out to finish up the tasks in front of you. Maybe they just have a lot more creativity so they never run out of inspiration. That's pretty awesome, I can only imagine the kinds of dreams they have.

Do look out for my new Valentine's day cards. As usual they will be silly and some subtly rude.

Hope 2014 was good to you, then here's to a better 2015!

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